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On the inspiration behind the concept: "Growing up, I always felt like I was far away from the real world. Figuratively and literally. Maybe it's in part being brought up in a small town; no real influence or popular culture within itself. Or maybe it’s because I’m a dreamer and somewhat introverted. My upbringing was never extravagant but it always exemplified beauty to me, despite maybe its lack to an outsiders eye.

I think I’ve always felt this deep connection to the landscapes or surroundings that make up where I'm from. The vibes could be summarized as “empty” or “rundown” but I feel drawn to these pockets with their not-so-glamorous qualities and seek them out in the cities I’ve lived or visited. Whether it’s quiet dark corners, worn overlooked streets, agedand forgotten structures or unfinished industrial masses; these places feel both vulnerable yet enduring. Falling apart or simply unfinished and I feel strangely similar to them.

My entire life feels paralleled to these buildings and scenes; I feel I am fully on display awaiting the world's judgment at all times and despite being seen, I am often overlooked and judged solely on appearance. While I feel very affirmed with my gender, I still feel constantly astonished and burdened by it everyday. There is a cross to bear as a female that requires navigating that can’t be taught; only experienced and it starts at a young age. Even in my 20s, I'm still faced with new trials and tribulations and feel as if they dig at my surface and the damage is for everyone to see. Sometimes it’s actual danger and other times it’s just insecurities, validations, the struggle of anonymity versus attention. Somedays you wear the weather and others you are secure in your foundation (lol).

In my own life and growing up in these places, I got to see the better of them and naturally they've become my escape where I can overcome anything. It feels peaceful there and full of endless possibilities and I love writing in these visual perspectives because it is ingrained in me. It's where my mind instantly goes when I'm collecting my thoughts and putting ink on the page. These were backdrops where my imagination ran the wildest and all my major fantasies or heartbreaks and losses came to life,  and I’ll always go back to them.

By creating the concept for Little Heaven, even though it's only a short 3 song EP, I'm able to bring my fans and audience into this world with me and share beyond a picture or conversation. I get to express the actual emotions and paint the vivid picture through my lyrics and my melodies and my own production, mirroring Loviet in every way. With mentions of the real places that inspired me and my own heartfelt, honest stories I’m tuning into the frequency that my artistry is all about.”

Loviet on her audience: “I think this record can challenge audiences to either think outside of the box or feel empowered; that they are good enough and are seen. I get excited by people that are braver than me when it comes to knowing themselves and not faltering. We all idolize them for it, but no one highlights their struggle or the version of themselves that existed before the one they've become that we all know. I think there are so many of us that don't really know what we are doing, or who we are yet, and this record is for us. The perspective of someone still figuring it out and kind of getting there, but not without a story or a background.

This record is for anyone with a big heart that gets broken time and time again and that moves through the world and strives to make it their own. That loves to dream or comes from a different side of the tracks.

I think anyone who has struggled to find their way, or feel comfortable in their own skin will understand Little Heaven and see the juxtaposition in the name, because in a lot of ways this record emphasizes the opposite of heaven. However, it has subtle silver linings in the themes and songs sort of like the saying 'there is beauty in the madness'. It is designed so that on the surface, it would be hard to understand what's so heavenly about this place without looking deeper.”

Little Heaven


by Loviet




" would be hard to understand

what's so heavenly about this place without looking deeper."

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